Top 5 most expensive guy shoes in the world

Want to learn about the most expensive guy shoes in the world? Well, we’ve just compiled a list of the top 5 most expensive guy shoes in the world. Seriously speaking, going through this list is going to get you totally shocked. Here you go:


  1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes – priced at $60, 000
    These shoes were particularly created for the fans of Michael Jordan, who is also the ambassador of Nike’s Jordan shoes. Believe it or not, but these shoes are actually made using sterling silver, which is perhaps the reason why these happen to be so expensive. There was a time when these were also placed on eBay for auction – expensive, but totally classy for those who can afford them. Not the best choice for gifts for men in Dubai though, right?
  2. Air Force 1 by Bike – priced at $50, 000

Just so you know, these are basically diamond studded sneakers that Nike has named Air Force 1. If truth be told, these shoes truly are an amazing choice who have a love for diamonds along with the cash required for it. Not only are they studded with 11 carat diamonds, they are casted in gold metal too, thereby adding to the reasons why they are so highly priced.


  1. Dress shoes for men by the House of Testoni – priced at $38, 000
    These are a creation of the House of Testoni, and have been prepared using a particular Norwegian shoe making technique. They have used alligator skin, and are particularly famous for featuring buckles made out of gold and diamond. There is a mix of gold skin as well, so you know that they are waterproof.
  2. Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 – priced at $30, 000
    Designed by Nike, these sneakers and their entire collection have different American cities drawn over them. Most interestingly, these actually come packed with an autograph by Kobe Bryant. Quite heavy on mens wallet in Dubai, right?

5. Gold made running shoes – priced at $24, 000
Made in Shanghai, these shoes have been prepared using 620 grams of gold. Absolutely stunning and classy if that’s what you are looking for. Not the sort of shoe you would wear every day to work though!