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5 Pre-Printing Checks You Need To Do For Your Outdoor Signage

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Outdoor signage is quite expensive, especially if you are having it custom-made for your business. Which is why you need to be as thorough as possible to ensure that the output is what you are expecting. Not making thorough check can lead to a number of printing issues and would incur additional cost and delays on your part.

For a guaranteed excellent output, experts in outdoor signage in Dubai suggest to do the following pre-printing checks:

  1. Check for typo and grammatical errors


The most common mistakes in marketing collateral printing are the typo and grammatical errors. For small marketing collateral with more content and graphics, these mistakes might be forgivable. But when you are talking about outdoor signs, it is not acceptable. Imagine seeing a misspelled word on a large format print collateral. Your store would be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. Be sure to do a typo and grammar check before you proceed with the printing.


  1. Check the color grading


Another mistake that you need to avoid is using the wrong color. You need to remember that the color you see in the monitor might look different when you print it on paper or other printing materials. Ask your graphic designer to calibrate their monitors for better image accuracy. Not doing this can result to printing collaterals a shade or two lighter or darker than the original color.


  1. Check the material


Before printing, be sure to check the material to see if there are tear and damage. Once the design is printed, you can never undone it. Although most of the time, the printing company reprints this without charging the client, it can still result to delays on your part. Ask the client to show you the material before you proceed with the printing.


  1. Check for bleeding area


Bleeding, as negative as it may sound, is essential to print collateral. Bleed mainly refer to the area that will be trimmed off once the material is printed. Not putting a bleed would result to the artwork not running to the edge of the material should there be a misalignment in cutting and trimming.


  1. Do a test run


As much as possible, try to request for a test run before you proceed to printing. A small scale version of the artwork would let you see how it looks in the material.


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