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5 HR Outsourcing Services That You Should Know

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Human resource outsourcing is one of the latest trends that most companies take advantage of today. If you are a startup company, partnering with an outsourcing HR company in Abu Dhabi would be the ideal setup, especially if the business doesn’t have the capability to hire a full-term HR personnel.

If you are wondering what kind of services these service providers can provide, be sure to read this list:

  1. Candidate sourcing and screening

Companies are always looking for top candidates to join their ranks and further the company’s cause. If you are a startup business, it is hard to scout the right candidate. If you don’t help in-house HR personnel, it would be best to outsource this service so you can save some time on looking for the right candidate. Some HR outsourcing service providers offer scouting and screening and recommend candidates that will fit the job posting and description.

  1. On-boarding and induction

When you are running a company, you need to ensure that you have all eyes and hand on everything. But there are instances wherein you need the help of professionals to unburden you with some of the tasks, like on-boarding new employees. An HR outsourcing company will gladly do the on-boarding, orient new employees and help them settle in their new company.

  1. Work permit facilitation

If you are employing people from other countries, you need to ensure that they have proper permits to work in your current jurisdiction. But processing working visas and permits can eat up your time and interfere with your work. An outsourcing HR company can help you to process these permits and coordinate with the employees to expedite the process. It would be best to hand out this job to a trusted to contractor to let you do your work.

  1. Performance review management

Even startup companies need to be stringent with their work and how they handle employees. Having a regular performance review is necessary to know how are your employees are doing. Be sure to conduct this on a monthly, semi-annual, and monthly basis. If you are not aware on how to do this, it would be best to ask help from an outsource HR personnel.

  1. Off-boarding and exits

Exiting employees needs to be interviewed to help the company do better in terms of human resources. You need to ensure that you get their feedback. If you don’t have the time, an outsource HR company might be of assistance.

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