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Memory Foam Mattress – Varieties And Advantages

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A memory foam mattress has a coating of memory foam. The heat of your body is used by memory foam mattress to melt to your shape.

Variety of Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress usually has three types.

Open-Cell. Open-Cell foam has pockets inside which allows the ventilation and air circulation all over the mattress which is used to spread heat. These types of mattresses are not very dense and due to this the firmness of the mattress is affected and makes the mattress less helpful. Many new technologies are working on this issue and also maintaining the cooling result.

Traditional. Traditional mattress was the earliest mattress which entered the market and was used by people. It is a typical and one of the finest mattress. A traditional foam is used to shape your body. One drawback of memory foam is that it has the propensity to keep heat. So, when a person sleeps on the mattress, it is very warm making it undesirable and uncomfortable to sleep.

Gel. There are some memory foam mattresses which are made up of gel. Gel-build micro particles are pumped inside the foam and this way gel is inserted to the mattress. The micro particles make pockets similar to the ones found in the mattresses of open-cell

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

  • A lot of people have allergies and for these people memory foam mattresses are the best. Memory foam mattress are non-allergenic. Since, memory foam mattresses are very dense, they do not attract allergies like molds, irritants and some other foreign substances.
  • Memory foam mattresses uses the heat of a person’s body and changes the mattress according to its shape. This way the areas where people put a lot of pressure like back, neck and shoulders are relieved.

People having pain in the joints should use memory foam mattress so their pain can reduce to a certain extent. This happens because the weight is uniformly distributed and releasing the pressure from common areas.

  • One of the biggest advantage of memory foam is that it is very quiet. People who hates getting disturbed and waking up during the sleep, memory foam mattress are the best for them. They won’t know if anybody has gotten out of the bed or came up the bed. They will sleep peacefully without getting disturbed by any movement.

After reading these advantages, you should definitely buy memory foam mattresses. Don’t forget to buy memory foam mattress topper UAE along with the mattress. You can also buy a high quality luxury mattress according to your ease.