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How To Prepare Your Kid For A Therapy Session

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For adults, going to a therapy session can be a little bit nerve-wracking. You never know what to expect and what would be the end-result. More so for kids. Since they don’t any idea about what they are going through, convincing them to attend a therapy session.


If you find yourself in a difficult position of convincing your kid to attend a therapy session, here are some tips from a top psychologist in Dubai that might help you:


  • Plan what you are going to say


Simply blurting out that they need to go to a talk therapy will not work. If you want to convince your kid to come with you to the psychologist’s office, you need to be more creative to be convincing. It would be best if you can plan what you are going to say and how you will say it. Some parents use a “tell a story” technique to inform their kids. The way this goes is, they would tell a story that is similar to your kid’s situation and then they subtly insert how a psychologist was able to help that kid.


  • Be transparent


Sugar-coating and lying to your kids to make them come to a therapy session can be detrimental to your relationship. This would break the trust between the two of you. When they realized that they were lied to, it would be hard to convince them to come back for the next session. It would be best to be transparent and tell the truth.


  • Outline the benefits


Kids do not know a bit about therapy so they are a bit anxious about going. If they asked what it is all about, take the opportunity to outline the benefits. Give them an overview about what a therapist does and how he/she is going to help resolve any issues they are going through. Through this, kids would have a better understanding and would manage their own expectations when they decided to push through with the therapy.


  • Hear out their reasons


Communication is a two way process. Once you state your piece, let your kids speak up. Ask them why they are anxious to come and what is bothering them about the therapy. Once you hear their reasons, try to explain their fears and that they shouldn’t worry. Listening is way of validating their feelings which is important to your kid.


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