A quick glimpse at medical and ultrasound labs near you

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woman getting ultrasound of a thyroid from doctor

Whether you have health issues or not, you must look to visit medical labs in Sharjah from time to time. There are several reasons for it, and each reason is important. Firstly, know that your visit to a medical lab happened on the advice of your physician. It true, then it was a mandatory visit and you had to visit the lab. The tests that had been recommended were conducted and the reports may come in a few days. The visit to the lab may have been important for a number of reasons, and you should look to it from time to time. Interestingly, you can visit the lab and have some tests without a recommendation from your physician. Some tests may require permission, but others don’t. For instance, you can have the Liver Function Test (LFT) once a month even if your physician has not recommended it. There are no drawbacks of some of the tests so you can take them when you like.

Why visit labs?

It is a fact that modern medical labs have some cutting edge machinery available. These are used to provide speedy and accurate tests for physicians that want to see the reports. Interestingly, the reports are often available within two or three days, which was not the case before. There is a notion that visiting labs too often may harm your body due to exposure to radiation, but this is not true in every case. In fact, not all machines emit radiation levels that are considered harmful to the human body. Machines like MRI and CT scanners may use radiation, but those are only advised when the physician feels the need. Otherwise, both these tests are not ordered.


There is a radiation level to be maintained during an ultrasound test, which is also used to explore the state of some organ or inner cavity. Women going through the mid and late stages of pregnancy are often advised to take ultrasound tests. The accuracy of this test seems to be increasing by the day. Today’s machines offer color display and better resolution compared to what the previous versions offered.

All in all, your visit to the lab is only going to help you and your physician to know the condition of your body. From blood tests to bone and tissue tests, everything becomes clear after these tests, which is why doctors recommend them, including cheap ultrasound in Sharjah, when they feel the need to do so.